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Bungee Jumping

This is the first time in India that Bungee is life form accessible from a set period. We have built a ray that extends to centre of a valley as long as the tallness of whopping 83 meters to jump from. The same point is used for the huge Swing. The Bungee Jumping in uttarakhand Station is located at Mohanchatti, 19 kms from Laxman Jhula on the Pauri (Neelkanth Mandir) side. You would be given right gear and support in receipt of ready for the jump. Before you attempt this exploit, you will be asked obtain into the bungee jumping gear. Your feet will be meaningfully worried to a long stretchy cord, which will also be linked to your jumping gear. Once this is done, all you got to do is have a high look upon for the nearby surrounding area; the flowing Ganga below and take a deep flavor of air preceding to you make the jump that you have been in the making for, on this Uttarakhand journey. After the jaw-dropping, 83-metre jump, walk to the self-service eating place and watch your jumping photograph and video. Along with Bungee we are also leaving to enjoy white water rafting in Rishikesh, rock climbing in Rishikesh, rappelling, night jungle walk, waterfall trek in Rishikesh, camping next to the Himalayan water torrent, the tasty food in the hills and that too at one of the best Riverside Campsite. So are you all set for this astonishing escapade with Uttarakhand Adventure?? JUMP IN NOW.

Bungee Jumping is an Adventure Sport that has lately gained celebrity all over the World. Now getting famous at Rishikesh, India. Bungee was started with an attempt to bring bungee jumping to beginners. At Rishikesh It is an effort to make it a well-liked venture sport for one and all in Uttarakhand and all over the nation. The Bungee has been calculated by David Allardice of New Zealand. Jump Masters flown in from New Zealand to function the Bungee. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is the uppermost Bungee Jump in India. After the Jump, the Jumpers are lowered down to a go down zone in the river which has only 2 ft of water. The stimulation comes as the plummet and the rebound back. While anybody jumps, the cord stretches and the sportsperson flies upwards once more as the cord recoils, and continues to move back and forth up and down until all the force is dissolute. Walk up to the self-service restaurant and enjoy watching your photograph & video of the jump. Don’t forget to gather your Dare to Jump Certificate.

Minimum necessities:-
• Age: Minimum -12 year
• Weight: Minimum – 35 kg and Maximum – 110 kg
Arrive in Rishikesh before 10:00 am. Go to jumping site & after jump back to Rishikesh have a lunch. Later, transfer to the bottom camp and then spend a number of free times to explore the area. Either you can unwind in the camp or take a tropical forest walk near the camp. Enjoy evening tea, bonfire with late snacks. Have Dinner. During the night at the camp.