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Trekking in Lakhamandal

This is a cultural and past trek in the Jaunsar - Babar region, at the foothills of the grand Garhwal Himalayas. The tribes here, known as Jaunsaris, do polygamy and polyandry. Lakhamandal is a large village on the banks of Yamuna, known for its temple shell. The ruins at Lakhamandal give a sign that in the past it must have been a major place of worship town. Many consider that Lakhamandal is the same Lakhshagriha describe in Mahabharat. Trekking in Lakhamandal. The story goes that the Kaurava Prince Duryodhana had built a lace palace here, in which he try to burn his cousins- the Pandavas living The Pandavas, however managed to escape through a secret way, which the locals say still exists even today. A significant attraction of Lakhamandal is its temple devoted to Bhagwati and Lord Shiva. Kaurava Prince Duryodhana had built a fortress made of lac, in which he tried to burn the Pandavas alive. The villagers consider that there is a secret passage that emerges few kilometers downstream today in the center of the village there is a Temple committed to Bhagwati and Lord Shiva. In the temple complex stand two life size stone statues. Perhaps they are the Dwarpals of a much older temple. With the legend of Jay and Vijay, the Dwarpals at the gates of heaven. But most of the villagers consider the statues to be so as to of Bhima and Arjuna.

Day 1: Hardwar to Lakhamandal165 Kms / 5 Hr
Drive to Lakhamandal via Mussoorie, lunch enroute. Dinner & Overnight at Camps.

Day 2: Lakhamandal - Baijnath24kms / 4Hr.12 Kms
Drive to Goraghati. Further 12 Kms trek to Baijnath with packed Lunch. Dinner & Overnight at Camps.

Day 3: Baijnath - Magti17 Kms / 6Hr
Trek to Magti with Packed Lunch. Dinner & Overnight at Camps.

Day 4: Magti - Biratkhoi11 Kms / 4Hr
Trek to Biratkhoi with packed lunch. Dinner & Overnight at Camps.

Day 5: Biratkhoi - Kalsi22 Kms / 7Hr
Trek to Kalsi with packed lunch. Dinner and overnight in Camps.

Day 6: Kalsi to Hardwar121 Kms/ 4Hr
Drive to Hardwar via Dakpathar, Dehradun. Lunch enroute. Arrival Hardwar, check in Hotel. Night Halt.