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Paintball Adventure in Uttarakhand

Welcome to outbound adventure for the game of colors, team work and planning. Uttarakhand Adventure offer 1st time in Uttarakhand very popular adventure sport Paintball Adventure in Uttarakhand. Paintball a game of guts, grit and glory of speed stealth and plan. Paintball Activity is weaning youth off their Xbox consoles and inviting them to experience a game that has all the chills and thrills of a battle but none of pan and aches. In paintball, groups of players shoot balls of cover at one more person to get a goal. The objective is to stay in the game as long as probable without being hit. Paintball Adventure Activity is a modern version of peek-a-boo. Its game of guts and glory of speed.

Paintball is a very popular English adventure sports, we all are proud to open this game first time in Uttarakhand, this sport is a team game, the game entail each member of every team eliminate other team members by simply mark them out and shooting the adversary with a big splotch of paint, the best option for ideal holiday and ideal opportunity for some quality recreation. We are working efficiently in adventure field from very long period; we have lots of knowledge of working with diverse adventure Sports Company all athwart India. The sports tools with us are imported from US, which are of the best excellence and as per safety standards. Paintball a game of spirit, grit and glory of speed furtiveness and line of attack. Paintball action is weaning infancy off their Xbox applaud up and attractive them to information a game that has all the chills and thrill of a battle but none of pot and aches. Paintball is a team building activities. Uttarakhand Adventure gives a platform for team edifice activity in Uttarakhand India. Enjoy the Paintball Adventure activity with Uttarakhand Adventure.

Some useful information about paintball tour package like:
• Game timing period is 40-45 mints
• Equipment - Markers, Hoppers , Co2 cylinder , Face mask, Chest guard
• Minimum 4 person necessary and max 10
• 100 People can play this game in the same ground (in one group 10 people)
• Timing - Morning 6am to 7pm