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Trekking in Gangotri Kedar

18 kms. From Gangotri, negotiable through a rough & tough stack trail is the spectacular and enchanting lake of Kedartal. The lake is crystal apparent with the powerful Thalayasagar, Jogin, Bhrigupanth and other peaks. Trek to Kedartal is difficult of devotee trekker.

Day 1: Haridwar to Gangotri 273 Kms / 9hr
The blessed shrine at an altitude of 3200mts is the foundation of the river Bhagirathi (Ganga). It is surrounded by the ton peaks of Shivling, Satopanth and Bhagirathi sisters. It is one of the most devout Hindu Pilgrimages.

Day 2: Gangotri - Bhoj Kharak (3780 mts/12436 ft)
The day begins with a steep ascent through Fir forests before traverse the Kedar Gorge to reach camp. The trek follows an uphill climb along the steep ramparts of the valley. One is necessary to trek 8 km (5-6 hrs) as one follows the Kedar Ganga (Lord Shiva's giving to Bhagirathi), all the while enjoying the thundering sound of the river up-and-coming from Kedar Tal. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 03: Bhoj Kharak - Kedar Kharak (4270 mts/14050 ft)
The steep climb lasting 4 kms (4 - 5 hrs) passes from side to side a gorgeous birch (Bhoj) forest, before crossing the tree line and arriving at the campground. The Bhirgupanth peak provides a dramatic backdrop as one makes his way crossways the long meadow, which is used by shepherd to graze their sheep and cattle. The day’s trekking distance, though less, but has its steep stretch at times! Overnight stay in tents.

Day 04: Kedar Kharak - Kedar Tal (4912 mts/16160 ft)
The 5 km (4-5 hrs) trek up to Kedar Tal is difficult, and crosses very difficult terrain strewn with boulders and loose rocks. Walking from side to side the maze of rocks looks very puzzling and one might be tempted to turn back before receiving lost, but if one looks closely one will be able to see little cairns that have been located on the route to the lake. Kedar Tal is one of the most charming glacial lakes with the majestic Thalayasagar threatening behind it. Thalayasagar, a quartz mountain, is also known as Sphatik (quartz) and is truly an enjoyment to see at sunset! Overnight stay in tents.

Day 05: Kedar Tal - Bhoj Kharak
Be sure to get up extra early to catch the wonderful sunrise and reflection off of the lake and surrounding peaks! The trek on this day covers 9km (5 hrs) down to Bhoj Kharak, with beautiful pictures and recollections of Kedar Tal still etched in the mind. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 06: Bhoj Kharak - Gangotri - Uttarkashi
The trek covering 8 km (3 hrs) back down to Gangotri, is by contrast to going up, a leisurely affair, and gives ample occasion to the trekker to rest and take many beautiful pictures. After a final Darshan with Swami Sundaranad, one drivese back to Uttarkashi and arrives in 5 – 6 hours! Check in at Hotel. Overnight stay in hotel at Uttarkashi.

Day 07: Uttarkashi to Haridwar 225kms/7hr
We leave Rudraprayag early in the morning today after breakfast and drive towards Haridwar. We will stop for lunch at Teen Dhara. Reached Haridwar. Tour Terminates.