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Trekking in Dodital

Dodital, a unexplained, shimmering, fresh water lake at an altitude of 3310 m / 10,923 ft is a popular trekking destination in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. Located in the border district of Uttarkashi, the 30 KM trek from first to last dense forested areas and deep valleys concludes at Darwa Top at an altitude of 4100 meters. The whole trek passes through a rich jungle of Oak, Rhododendron, Birch and Himalayan Maple, conquered by the high, glittering views of the Banderpooch Massif all the length of the way. Trekking in Dodital. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha chose this position as his abode and there is a temple devoted to him here. Known as The Land of Gods, Uttarakhand presents a theatrical terrain with beautiful lakes, serene rivers and mountains and growing Himalayan peaks. There are additional treks transporting one from Asi Ganga valley to Bhagirathi Ganga valley and to the Yamuna valley and vice versa. The array of culture can be seen by travelers throughout their voyage through remote Himalayan settlement.

Day 01: Haridwar - Uttarkashi (235kms Drive)
The day starts with a beautiful drive towards Uttarkashi. The different colors of Himalayan beauty are displayed in dissimilar sects i.e. flora, landscape and local settlement. The drive takes you from side to side the historic town of Narendranagar, goes past along the river Bhagirathi Ganga and continues to the holy town of Uttarkashi. Overnight stay at Hotel Uttarakashi.

Day 02: Uttarkashi - Sangamchatti (Drive 14 kms ) - Agoda / Bevra (2250 mts/7380 ft) - (8.5 kms/ 4-5 hrs)
Dig into a delicious breakfast and gear up for the exciting trail ahead. Ramble on initial steep scale that will take you to Agoda settlement and mark the commencement of the Dodital trekking and Darwa Pass. Post that, you will knowledge a gradual trail to Bhebra that is dotted by some tea shacks and lodges. Pitch your tent at the charming campsite above the stream. From here on, be prepared for snow. During the night will be spent in tents.

Day 03: Agora / Bevra - Dodital (3307 10847 ft) (15 Kms/ 7 hrs) Dodital Trek
After Breakfast Trek to Dodital with Packed Lunch, The day's walk is relaxing and less challenging in contrast to the preceding one. The trail passes from side to side the woods of Rhododendron, involves a couple of side stream crossing goes over steep cliffs lastly reaches the superb lake of Dodital. The Dodital is a beautiful lake with the temple of Ganesha, couple of guest houses and outstanding campsite by the lake. Dinner & Overnight in the tents.

Day 04: Dodital (3307 mts/10847 ft) - Darwa Top (4150 m) (5 kms/ 3 hrs)
This day, you have two options in front of you. You can either stay at Dodital and unravel the lakeside areas or go on a hike to Darwa Pass. In case you make a decision to go to Darwa Pass, start early to ascend the peak that would need some power. The first part of the trek is a delightful one as you make way from side to side meadows dust with snow and laced with rhododendron trees.

Day 05: Dodital - Agoda / Bevra (2250 mts/7380 ft) (17 kms/4-5 hrs)
After Breakfast Trek Back to Bevra with Packed Lunch the reverse trek to Agoda is long one but not a demanding one. It’s really a beautiful walk cherishing the spirits. The views lower down the valley are equally estimable that insist the taking pictures lovers. Dinner & Overnight in the tents.

Day 06: Agoda - Sangm Chatti (7 kms trek) - Haridwar (235 kms Drive)
After Breakfast trek through the settlement of Agoda village finally takes you to Sangam Chatti Board the vehicles and start driving towards Haridwar. Lunch enrooted. On arrive in Haridwar tour end.