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Trekking in Panwali Kantha

Panwali-Kanthan a high altitude meadows, located on the south-western edge of Kedarnath region in Uttarakhand state. The river Ganges takes its source in this isolated massif, at the sacred shrine of Gangotri, and rushes down to the plains in a torrential fury. Very few trekkers follow this journey which will lead to one of the most significant spots of Hindu religion, where you will experience a strange ambiance of spiritual fervor. From Kedarnath, where hundreds of pilgrims. Panwali Kantha is a 19 km trek; located at an elevation of 3,963 metres. Panwali is a good-looking place with several hillocks with packed variety of flowers. The alleyway from Trijuginarayan to Panwali from side to side Maggu, Kaunkola Khola provides all the colors. The Oak-Rhododendron forests with a combination of Maples, Sorbus ursina, Syringa emodi, Rhododendron barbatum, and Picea smithiana are common. The shrubby rudiments include species of Ribes, Viburnum-Rosa, Lonicera, Salix, Berberis, Cotoneaster, etc. The species of the genera Caltha, Anemone, Plantago, and Corydalis etc represent the herbaceous rudiments.trekking in Panwali Kantha. Towards Kaunkola Khola (3,658m), Bhojpatra is seen in connection with Rhododendron campanulatum, Syringa emodi and Oak. Bushy Rhododendron anthopogon with creamish flowers is common at the top of Kaunkola Khola. Class of Primula, Anemone, Potentilla, Fritillaria, Lagotis, Meconopsis, etc with their variously coloured flowers provides all the charisma of nature. The Ground Orchid Cypripedium cordigerum and C. himalaicum and yellow flower Meconopsis robusta are of rare time. Medicinally significant plants like Kutaki, Podophyllum hexandrum and Hatthajari or the Salam-Panja are also seen here.

Day 1: Rishikesh to Ghuttu (187 km) by road

Day 2: Ghuttu – Gaurmanda (10 km)

Day 3: Gaurmanda – Panwali Kantha (10 km)

Day 4: Panwali Kantha – Ghuttu (20 km)

Day 5: Ghuttu to Rishikesh